*            Get behind the ball, drawing the imaginary line from 1ft behind the hole down to your ball.

*            Set the club free square to that spot, with the ball in the middle of your feet.

* Drop back foot, shoulder width or what’s comfortable.

* With soft hands take a practice stroke, remembering to excel through the ball.      

* Eyes over line, be confidant, tell yourself you are going to make it.

* Successful putting is consistently getting the right line and determining the right speed.


*             Get behind the ball using the proper line and approximate landing area for proper roll. Set clubface to spot front of the ball in the same line, with the ball in the center of your feet.
* Forward foot placed 1 inch to 1 and a half inches ahead of the ball, quarter turned out. Most of your weight should be on your forward foot, club Square to your target. 

* Turn yourself into an imaginary clock. Get the left arm straight as you can for as long as possible to either 7-5,8-4 or 9-3 o’clock. Keep your wrists straight, no scooping or breakdown of left wrist.
* Accelerate through the ball, touch and fee, using soft hands.




*            Squaring clubface to target 50/50 weight balance, ball center or back of center.

*            Forward foot, quarter turned out 1 inch to 1 and half inches ahead of ball toward target.

*Still imagine yourself as a clock, stay with timetable.

*Decide what stroke to put on the ball, 7 to 5, 8 to 4 or 9 to 3. Depending on the distance and lie.

*Remember to accelerate through the ball down the target line.